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“The folks at PDI consistently deliver on time with 100% accuracy. They even suggested an area of improvement to our product that resulted in a cost savings which we then passed on to our customers. Our customers were impressed with us, and we continue to be impressed with Prairie Digital!”

Prairie Digital, Inc. is a privately owned U.S. contract engineer and manufacturer of electronics. We design and build everything from simple electrical components to complete box build assemblies across a wide range of applications. We provide an alternative to managing and maintaining factories, and eliminate the conflicts that arise from purchasing and stocking materials. Our services include designing, building, developing, testing, assembling and manufacturing low- to high- volume products. We are dedicated to meeting the demands of our customers.

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Customer Privacy Protection

Prairie Digital Intellectual Property SecurityWe believe in protecting the confidentiality and information of our customers. Your company name, product name, and all proprietary information including formulas, schematics, and technologies will not be shared, sold, duplicated or in any way publically accessible through us.

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