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We develop custom solutions that meet your needs.


We specialize in circuit board design, PCB layout and prototype construction. In many cases, our customers will come to us with an idea of what they need for the end product, but are still without a working model due to any number of technical/electrical/mechanical challenges. We use our design talent, engineering experience and knowledge of the latest technologies to sketch out a solution. The solution is customized for you; whether you require a working model created from the ground up or a modification to your current prototype in order to take it to the next level, we can meet your needs.
Our design work is based on our customers’ goals for the project and we will consult you at every step in the process. With us, you will receive results that are feasible, cost-effective, and utilize the newest technologies, all without losing sight of the practicality for the end-user.

Product Development

Based on an established design, our engineers will develop a prototype or series of prototypes to test the soundness and performance of the design concept. The development stage of the design process is valuable in that it bridges the gap between a theoretical concept and a working model of the solution. Having a prototype allows our design and engineering team to test and evaluate the design before entering into the production phase. To ensure the solution fully meets or exceeds our customers’ requirements, we can develop as many models as necessary before the final product emerges.

We have the resources and capabilities to completely develop your product through its entire life cycle.

Assembly Services

We provide high-quality assembly work for simple to advanced projects, low to high volume. Whether you need printed circuit board assemblies, medical assemblies, high-tech assemblies, general electronic assemblies, or entire box-build assemblies, we can meet your specifications and deliver on time.

Quick-Turn Services
• PCB assembly
• Turn-key assembly
• Build to order assembly

Assembly Technologies
• Automated component placement
• Surface-mount technology (SMT) assembly
• Through-hole technology assembly

Encapsulation and Potting
• Acrylic, silicon or epoxy coatings available
• Provides extra layer of protection for circuits
• Protects design of circuitry

Advanced Soldering Methods
• Reflow, wave or hand soldering
Lead-free materials available

Manufacturing Services
Simple jobs or complex systems, 1 to 1,000 (or more!) products, we can handle it all. Our manufacturing services begin at building simple, electrical and/or mechanical components and extend to fully complete box build assemblies. We use precision assembly work and machining to turn your concept into a finished product. Testing, trouble-shooting, evaluation, and feedback regarding your product design can all be provided. We provide modification services to prototypes or finished products that must be reworked, rebuilt or upgraded. We understand how important quality manufacturing is; a change in the assembly or manufacturing process can fix an entire line of malfunctioning products. We handle your electrical products with precision and care in order to preserve the delicate, sensitive circuitry. Manufacturing Capabilities • Quick-turn services • Turn-key or build-to-order assembly • Surface-mount technology (SMT) • Through-hole technology • Automated component placement • Lead-free materials available • Encapsulation and potting • Acrylic, silicon or epoxy coatings Reflow, wave or by hand soldering methods
Post-Manufacturing Services

After production is complete, we offer direct drop-shipping and international shipping services.

We also offer post-manufacturing customer support. Depending on what you and your customers require, we can repair or replace parts as needed, modify outdated systems or components, and offer product performance analysis in the field.