Why Prairie Digital?

Customer Privacy Protection

Prairie Digital: Made in USAWe understand how essential protecting your privacy and intellectual property is to you. We have a long-standing customer protection policy and we will not disclose your company name, product name, or any customer information at any time without your permission. All proprietary information including formulas, schematics, and technologies will not be shared, sold, duplicated or in any way publically accessible through us. We believe in protecting the confidentiality and intellectual property of our customers.

Our Facility

Does your current electronics manufacturer have a rented facility where you feel they could be here today but gone tomorrow? By contrast, at Prairie Digital we are here to stay. Our building is a permanent fixture in one of Prairie du Sac’s respectable industrial parks and we have long-standing ties to our local community. We are invested in the future of our company as well as the future of our hometown.

History of Success

Prairie Digital has a proven history of success, having been in business for over 20 years. As our customers have expanded their businesses, we have grown right along with them in order to meet their needs and help them retain their competitiveness in their respective fields.

Contract engineering and manufacturing is an ever-changing industry. With rapid technology advancements, supply chains that shift and reform, manufacturing processes becoming leaner, and electronics emerging in industries as never before, our customers can count on Prairie Digital to maintain the level of quality in their products while providing top-notch customer service, keeping costs under control, and delivering on time, as promised.

Broad Industry Focus

Most contract manufacturers provide work for the small number of industries that they are familiar with. Consequently, when a particular industry’s supply and demand fluctuates, so does the stability of their business. Here at Prairie Digital, we provide superior quality products in a broad spectrum of industries. From Medical Equipment to Automated Safety Systems to Industrial Machinery Technologies (and more!), we are a stable, knowledgeable source for your electronic needs.

Custom Payment Terms and Quotes

Flexibility is not just a word to us; it’s an integral part of our relationships with our customers. To us, flexible means working with you to construct payment terms that are mutually agreeable. We can extend credit, offer special billing terms when needed, and work with you to get your product up and running by your deadlines.

Our quoting process is flexible too. For example, based on pricing terms, we offer to prorate the design fees into the prototype manufacturing cost. For qualified customers, we have even developed ideas at no cost and adapted our fees to their sales schedule.

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